Help us fund the second hearings of the Uyghur Tribunal

The Tribunal’s first Hearings may have contributed to the answering of questions but also raised others. The second Hearings are an opportunity for further contributions from those who may have relevant evidence to assist the panel in reaching a judgment.


Venue hire, travel, and research costs are necessary expenses incurred in setting up and running a Tribunal. Staff costs are relatively low, as many of those involved in the Tribunal have given their time for free. For everything else the Uyghur Tribunal is funded by donations. A crowdfunder page has raised nearly £250 000, with an initial amount of around $115 000 dollars donated by the Uyghur diaspora through the World Uyghur Congress. Since the formation of the Uyghur Tribunal there have been nearly 800 individual pledges from generous donors including through crowdfunding.


International courts have sometimes been effective but they have come at very considerable cost, often running to tens of millions of dollars and up to a billion dollars in two cases; and justice has been slow.

A people’s tribunal can through efficiency and the motivation of its participants deliver an evidence-based judgement relatively rapidly and at a fraction of the cost.

Members of the Tribunal and Lead Counsel, amongst others, will provide their services pro bono but due to the scale of the endeavour it is considered appropriate that other participants may be remunerated albeit at a fraction of commercial rates, reflecting the commitment of all those who have agreed to participate in this important endeavour.


The Uyghur Tribunal will be constituted as a UK Private Company Limited by Guarantee – under the name ‘Uyghur Administration’ – and will provide on a regular basis management accounts itemising sources and applications of funds. It will file statutory accounts.

Sir Geoffrey Nice QC explains:

The commission of Genocide against the Uyghurs by the People’s Republic of China has been alleged but never properly explored on evidence. The Uyghur Tribunal will start without assumption or presumption of any kind, review evidence, consider all available arguments and reach a judgment.